Short Message Service (SMS)

SMS services to end users through web service and smartphone apps. We offer single, group, and bulk SMS to end usrs at a competitive cost. Our features include:

  • Single SMS to single user, e.g., exam score
  • Bulk SMS to multiple users
  • Group-based SMS
  • Scheduled SMS
  • Bangla SMS
  • MMS
  • Push-Pull SMS
  • Long SMS
  • SMS reception via web account
  • Export SMS to files
  • Support for Short code/Long code
  • Free Android App!

Features of Short Message Service (SMS)

  • SMS one-way broadcast
  • Sending one short messages to as many recipients as required
  • Group Creation (Teacher, Section/Class wise Student etc.)
  • Send SMS by Individually
  • Send SMS by group
  • Send SMS from Excel file
  • General Notice SMS
  • Daily Absent SMS
  • Daily Late SMS
  • Student Dues SMS
  • Student Result SMS (If RMS software is used)
    1. Summary Result
    2. Details Result
    3. Subject Wise
    4. Monthly Test
    5. Single Subject