Payroll Management System (PMS)

One of the important expenditure of any organization is employee salary. During salary time various types of calculation is required on the part of teachers/staffs. Along with addiction and deduction, authority needs to prepare various types of reports as well. These important documents need to be transparent and error-free. Salary system becomes complex if the organizations employee size is bigger. Privacy and security of information is also a big issue in this line. All these complex tasks can be very easily done by this module.

Characteristics & Advantages:

  • Prepare salary structure based on National Salary Scale/Institutes Own Salary Scale
  • Automated Increment Facility
  • Easily deliverable of any bonuses including festival bonus
  • Addition/Deduction/Dues delivery of any accounts
  • PF/MPO/Gratuity Auto Posting
  • Loan processing through software
  • Joining-Retirement –wise Salary
  • Prepare automated master payroll sheet/bank advice, P.F advice, Loan advice etc.
  • Prepare monthly pay –slip/yearly salary statement
  • Monthly/Yearly reports of all heads( salary/incentives/deduction etc)
  • And many more………………