Fast Accouts Managment System (FAMS)

Fast Accounts Management System (FAMS)

Accounting defines an organizations financial capacity. Transparency, proper documentation and preservation of data are vital for accounts. Generally accounts maintenance is a complex and time consuming process. Here all the calculation of income and expenditure need to be error-free. By the help of this module, it is possible to prepare all kinds of necessary reports and statements which help an organization to direct, calculate, observe, decision making and to prepare audit reports.

Characteristics & Advantages:

  • Prepared on the guidelines of non-trade organization
  • Facility of preparing accounts charts with heads
  • Cash/bank Block
  • Advantage of customized voucher entry with debit/credit/transfer/advance/adjustment/FDR voucher
  • Head-wise separate ledger facility
  • Accounts wise day/month/year basis income and expenditure report
  • Receipt and payment Statement
  • Fund-wise report
  • Report of Permanent assets
  • Data support to prepare budget and audit reports
  • And many more………………